Access on a Smart TV

Smart STB is available in most modern Samsung, LG & Philips Smart TVs.

The Smart STB app is a paid app. This tutorial will show you how to set up the app and make use of a trial of the app. After the trial you will need to purchase the app or subscribe to a monthly fee. Please don't confuse the purchase or subscription of the app with the subscription of the TV service we provide.

They are two separate services.


  • Search your TVs app store for the app Smart STB

  • Install the app.

  • On your TV start the Smart STB app.

You will see the following message after a few seconds:

  • When you see this message press OK/center button on your remote control.

  • Go down to and click System Setting

  • Go down to and click Activation

The following screen will appear:

You should see this screen:

Depending on region, you may see Software ID. Once you enter the code, Software ID will appear automatically. We will change the Portal URL later on.

  • Enter the activation code you see on your phone, tablet or computer into the activation code box on your smart TV.

  • If you did everything right, you should now see this message on your TV:

  • On your phone, tablet or computer enter all necessary details needed for the registration,

you should see the trial in the shopping cart like this:

  • After a successful registration, you should see this screen in your browser: (keep note of the MAC address as you will need ip to purchase your subscription).

  • Head over and purchase a subscription from Here!

  • Once you have purchased your subscription and we have emailed you the sever URL, go back to the smart STB website and go to the My products & Services section:

  • Click on the Activate button on the right hand side.

  • Scroll down to the Change Portal URL button near the bottom and click it.

  • Enter the server URL into the Portal URL section and click Update Custom Portal URL

  • Once that's done restart the Smart STB app on your TV and the app should boot into the server.