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Am I signing up to a contract?

No. Savvy IPTV is pay as you go, one month at a time. If you decide not to renew your subscription, you can simply contact us and we will suspend the viewing until you wish to continue.

Can I reactivate my subscription after suspending it?

Yes of course you can. Simple email us requesting reactivation of your subscription and we will send you an invoice.

Can I watch anywhere?

No. Savvy IPTV will work in any country in the world apart from the UK & Ireland Scandinavian countries. This service is designed for people who can't get the content by other means.

Do I need a modem router?

Yes, you need a modem router to connect to the set top box. Then you simply connect your IPTV box to your TV.

Does the system have a TV guide?

Yes. There is an excellent Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) giving you full and easy access to information about the TV programme schedule and other useful on-screen information. The programme times can be viewed relative to your local time zone.

Can I record programs?

Yes you have 4 hours personal recording space on our servers, And you can download your recordings onto a USB hard drive to free up recording space. However, the system continuously records all the major channels (4 weeks catch up). So, you can simply go to the EPG and select the programme you have missed and press 'play'. All programmes are immediately available, so you can even watch whatever you have only just missed on another channel.