The best IPTV expat solution. UK & Scandinavian TV

Why choose us?

4 weeks catchup on 80% of channels. Watch any program that has been aired in the last 4 weeks at your convenience. All programs are on the catchup server not just selected programs like I player and on demand etc.
Watch your TV your way

Video club - a collection with thousands 

of movies and box sets updated daily to watch at your leisure mostly in HD.

Personal recording space. Keep your programs for as long as you like. 
Watch your TV your way

No contracts

Pay as you view

Don't get tied down to a yearly subscription and have to pay to get out.

Purchase one month and see if you like it. If you do, renew.
Watch your TV your way

Welcome to the best, most stable internet television on the market.


Packages consist of UK, Scandinavian, Dutch and Russian channels. 


Because of this a close eye can kept on all channels at all times and make sure they are all working at optimum performance.


Refusing to overload or oversell the services


Remember quality is better than quantity.