The best IPTV expat solution. UK & Scandinavian TV

Why choose us?

Welcome to the best, most stable internet television on the market.


Packages consist of UK, Scandinavian, Dutch and Russian channels. 


Because of this a close eye can kept on all channels at all times and make sure they are all working at optimum performance.


Refusing to overload or oversell the services


Remember quality is better than quantity.

Why not try a month and see all of the amazing features yourself.

Remember there are no contracts and no commitments.

4 Weeks Catchup

Watch programs that you might have missed in the last 4 weeks.

Thats right, 1 whole month!

Most channels have this feature.

Never miss a show again!

Video On Demand

With thousands of titles in the video club including movies, box sets and documentaries you will never have nothing to watch. Titles old and new from all genres. Updated frequently and available in HD 


With 4 hours recording storage you can evan keep up to date with programs that don't have catchup. Keep the recording for longer than 4 weeks. With a usb device you can download recordings and watch them on another device.


Radio stations to fill your home with music and information from your own country.

Stations from the UK, Ireland & Scandinavian countries. Have a dance or just sit back and relax to your favourite radio station.

Pay As Yo Go

No contracts or year long subscriptions. The service is completely pay as you go. Don't get tied down to a service for a whole year. Have the tv system the months that you want or need.

No charges of switch on or off.

Customer Service

Our friendly customer service are here to help. Have any questions or problems? We will do our best to answer any queries and resolve any issues in the shortest time possible. You are in good hands with us.


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